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fabulascribo's Journal

Fabula Scribo
17 September
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the girl in the mirror

I am Abigail Trystan, first cousin to Caleb Danvers. My mother, Isabel Trystan is sister to Evelyn Danvers. My father was Richard Langford. He abandoned my mother and I when I was a baby, after learning the sort of family he married in to. You see, my cousin and his friends are the original families in the Ipswitch colony, and they have a secret. It's a secret I've kept my whole life seeing as two years after my father left my mother died, I'm told of a broken heart. I was then raised with the best care by my aunt Evelyn and Caleb, her son who is the same age as me, became more like a brother. His father was around but unfortunately not in the best condition to raise a son let alone a daughter.

I too have a secret past...the likes of which has just come to light. I honestly can't tell you who I am anymore.

Fabula -> fable, story, tale, play

Scribo -> to write, compose

Where I found the Latin words for my journal name ->(http://archives.nd.edu/latgramm.htm)

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the truth

This is my Covenant Fanfic journal for meridianrising. I use Minka Kelly as Abigail Danvers.

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